A downloadable game for Windows

Join Lanik & Charlotte on their mission to defeat an evil tree monster in old school side-scrolling action!
Can u rise up to the challenge? >:3

~A/D - Movment
~Space - Jump
~L_Shift - Dash (invincible while dashing)
~G - Attack
~H - Block
~Tab - Talk to Charlotte for tips or skip intro/dialogs
(a blue light will glow in the top left corner, if there is a new conversation)
~Esc - Exit the game

~{Advanced Controlls & Tips}~
Wall Jumps (while next to a wall & airborne)
~L_Shift - Dash Wall Jump
~Space - Wall Jump
~Space (while dashing) - Upwards Wall Jump
(can be also performed without dashing, if Space and L_Shift are pressed at the same time)
Blocking slows down your momentum.
Edit the "options.txt" file, if the resolution is wank.

~{Author's Note}~
This game was made using python and pygame. Don't use this combination, if you are serious about game development. Ignoring kid me's horrible coding, they are both dreadfully slow.

And pls don't judge the code >~<
I made the game years ago (excluding a few quality of life improvements and a few graphical updates) and only now decided to start publishing my stuff.


LanAndCharls.7z 29 MB

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